How do you add an employee for expenses who already exists as an entity because of a directors loan account?

Problem reported by Martin Sutton 10 years ago

I am unable to add any expenses as a Director because I have already setup a loan account for myself. Each time I go to add expenses it says I already exist but does not give me the option to select myself as an employee for the expenses entry. It keeps requesting that I create a new employee, since I dont have a split personality, this is not possible.

Can anyone help?


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Hi Martin,

Is the name of your DLA your actual full name? If so head to Purchases>Suppliers and click on the entity name for your DLA - add 'DLA' at the end of the name and save. Now create a new entity for your expenses. The two should be separate.

You can now create yourself as an Employee - the employee should be separate from the DLA entity.

I am having the same problem but i can't solve it. I have tried setting myself up as two entitiies and enter the expenses but keep getting told to set up an employee. I have done this about twenty times and it just won't fix, what can i do please?

Hi Graham,

What is the name of your account? I'll take a look into it and try and figure out what the problem is.

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