Automate Payment But Include Bank Charges

Question asked by Paul Nicholson 5 years ago

Hello, I have some membership invoices that I know will be paid every month. I want to automate the payment but include the Stripe charge.

As in if I charge £12 I don't receive that I get £11.57 or something like that. Is there a hidden item or something I can enter to account for this deduction in what I receive to my account.

Make sense?

This would be cool thanks Paul

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The large projects that I mentioned are a new Subscriptions system that all very new accounts are now using, and Clear Books Micro. Thus, the development team have been very focused on getting those ready for implementation.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a public roadmap for the coming year as it is still being formulated. The Stripe integration has once again been put forward for consideration.

I do understand the need for it, so apologies for the wait.

Hi Paul,

At the moment it is only possible to automate bank charges for GoCarless and PayPal at the moment. We do have Stripe integration improvements pencilled into the calendar for the end of the year, so this may be something that will be implemented then.

Thanks, Theo

Theo, how is this going?

Hi Sean.

As larger projects have taken priority this year and so our resources have been continually used to capacity, the Stripe integration has been pushed back. Unfortunately I have no further information on this, however, we maintain awareness that the Stripe integration is a functionality in high demand and any announcements will be made in due course.

Hi Aran,

Is there a public development roadmap you can share please? I'm getting the feeling like the dev team only has capacity to maintain rather than develop, unless everyone has been focused on the spreadsheet replacement for MTD?

Stripe has been on the request list for seven years... users were told development started four years ago... competitors are getting more tempting for clients who utilise technology a lot in their business to be honest.

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