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Question asked by Jack Morris 5 years ago

Apologies if this has already been addressed before. When I look at the Sales overview on my home page, my overdue figure shows less than it really is due to old credit notes sitting there. When I click into the credit notes, I can't find any way to action them or otherwise get rid of them? Any ideas welcome please!

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Hi Jack,

Apologies for the delay in response.

I would recommend creating dummy invoices to cancel out the floating credit notes. This can be done by generating a matching invoice and tying it to the same account code as the credit note. Allocating the credit note to invoice which will cancel each other out.

I hope this helps, Theo

What do you actually want to do with the credit notes? Do you have unpaid invoices to use them against?

Hi Kevin, Apologies I didn't come back on this. The Credit Notes don't relate to any invoices in the Clearbooks system (Last year was our first year on here), as they were bad debts owed to us which never got paid. The invoices they relate to are in 2014-15 tax year I think which was in our paper system. I generated a credit note for our Accountant to balance up the money never received vs paper invoices from that year. I have recently started using the dashboard and the features to show me how much is outstanding, but these old credit notes are throwing off the totals by just sitting there.

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