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Question asked by Dave Gibbs 8 years ago

Hi all,

I have a question and hope someone could assist.

I want to raise and submit a CIS Return for the last period, unfortunately I have a few suppliers who's UTR's I haven't been able to verify as of yet (issues there end that they are rectifying) these particular unverified individuals have been paid gross as thy are working in the eu which is out side of the UK CIS scheme (so I am advised gross payments are the correct way to pay them) but as they have gone through CB and are unverified I am unable to submit my return until everyone in the period is verified, I was wondering is there a way I can submit the CIS Return excluding these individuals through CB until I can verify them, if not is there a way that I can do the CIS Return direct with HMRC and then post just the CIS I have decalred so when it comes to making and reconciling the payment to HMRC for this periods CIS it can be allocated across as if I done the full Return and submitted through CB

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I'm not to sure what to do and I am nearing the deadline for submitting the CIS return to HMRC.

Thanks in advance.

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That is odd - I will check with the development team in the morning to find out what causes that error message exactly - would it be possible to just make sure all the details on the Settings>Organisation>Details&Tax>Tax menu are correct


The yellow warning for CIS rounding is always there (although potentially we don't need this but this is another issue) and the other warning as you say should not affect this return as none of those subcontractors have payments.

Hi Dave,

You can exclude any payments you like from the return before saving - there should be an include check box beside each bill (which is ticked by default). They can be included in a future return by extending the from date, although you may want to check with an accountant/HMRC to know the best practice.

Usually, if the subcontractor is unregistered and has no UTR number then they should have all bills coded using the CIS labour cost 30%. Also, I think it is possible to verify these same subcontractors and add the verification code to Clear Books manually - it would then be possible to submit the return as long as the bills are CIS 30%


Thanks for the speedy response, I am happy to exclude them for now as they are gross payments anyway and because they are working in the EU and outside the UK CIS scheme gross will be the correct status once I can verify them.

I'm not sure if I am looking and not seeing though as I can't see anywhere that I can uncheck each person from the return? Could you post a dummy preview so that I can see exactly what you mean?

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

I see no problem, Dave.

If you have saved the CIS return already you will need to delete it and re-compile it, however, the include checkbox should be just to the left of each row:



Thanks for this, I have deleted the CIS return and generated a new one for this period, looking through the list the unverified subcontractors are not listed anyway so possibly there payments do not form part of this return. I still can not submit the return to HMRC when clicking submit I receive a red "unable to submit Return" error message? Below this I then have two yellow messages "CIS Rounding" & "some of your contractors information contains errors" when expanded it lists the unverified suppliers that I know about? Why would I still not be able to submit this Return directly to HMRC?

Is there any way you can log into my account and look thurther into the issue?


You are a life saver, my tax office number was incorrect.!

Thank you for all your help.!!

Ahh cool, glad I could help :)

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