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I'm not sure such a report exists in all honesty but I could be wrong (posting from my mobile so can't really check).

The reason I'm not 100% sure is that I personally don't use the inbuilt CIS functionality as far as sales are concerned, only to monitor the subbie payments. For sales I create an invoice as normal then 'pay' the appropriate CIS amount to a specific CIS bank account I've got set up. That way I can easily run a report on said bank account each month (it'll only include CIS that's actually been paid which is what we need) plus as a safety net I teach my client to only 'pay' the CIS amount once they've had the relevant slip sent through - saves unnecessary chasing come year-end.

Let me know if you want me to go into more detail.

Hi Claire,

The balance sheet debtor account shows VAT suffered and the balance sheet creditor account shows VAT deducted from subcontractors.

Our Open Payroll software can work out how much you owe / are owed and include it in your EPS monthly submission
(that's CIS debtor and CIS creditor).


Is there a report that shows the monthly CIS suffered with the invoice details, number and account name?

Hi Susan,

There currently is no such report type in Clear Books. However, if you would like to post this into the ideas section it can be discussed amongst the team and other users.

Thanks Chris

HI Susan

Do you need the report so you can file the EPS to offset the CISD against PAYE?

Hi Kevin

Yes that is exactly what I am looking for

Thanks Kevin, great idea - I will be implementing that with my clients asap

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