Statutory Payments in Open Payroll

Idea suggested by Lizzie Fouracre 10 years ago

The issue that we have with Clearbooks Open Payroll is that it does not support what is one of the most basic payment types.

Statutory payments are unavoidable for most companies small or large, and I am surprised to say the least as to how you can provide a software with a cost attached of £10.00 per month for such a limited service.

No ability to process statutory payments means that your system is not viable for many companies and I am still trying to understand as to how any companies function with Open Payroll.

We have our accounting software package with you and for ease we would love to remain with Open Payroll. I just don’t see how you can say that Open Payroll is RTI compliant when statutory payments are not an option?

How are your clients supposed to report statutory payments as we are now legally obliged from 6 April 2013 to report real time? We cannot simply refuse to make these payments as we cannot as employers report these payments, and from my understanding, so if I am mistaken I apologise, employers are unable to report online directly to HMRC.

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Hi Lizzie

Is there any news on statutory payments being supported in the End of Year submission?

It was a real hassle having to work around this problem last year. We had a couple of SPP payments and it meant I had to do a manual submission of the end of year data via the HMRC portal, rather than automatically through CB.

This will be a massive time saver if it can be implemented prior to the year end in April 2014.


Hi Lizzie,

Statutory payments have been implemented into Clear Books.

These can be accessed when processing payroll under the "show statutory payments" button. SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) can now be processed automatically by heading to Employees > Statutory Payments and inputting the required information.

Thanks, Theo

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