Open Payroll - better YTD input method required

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

All other payroll software i've ever come across comes with a YTD input option for use when switching from another software provider. For example, Moneysoft has a 'Mid Year Start' feature that is used to enter all YTD totals on a per employee basis (see below screenshot as an example).


I was planning to switch to Open Payroll today and could've potentially dealt with having to manually input AOE orders (as per my other thread). However, with no YTD option, (meaning i'd have to input payments for each employee for Apr, May, June, July, Aug & Sep before processing Oct) i'm now going to leave it until April where YTD pay won't be an issue.

As I just said to Vanish, if an employer had say 20-30 employees (or more) on weekly pay and wanted to join you 2/3's of the way through the year the task at hand would be absolutely horrendous. You'd also potentially be left with slight rounding issues i'd have thought - not the end of the world but still a pain.

So, March/April it is for me....

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for your idea. This is also a great idea that will enhance Open Payroll and make it much more efficient for end users and accountants when adding employees part way through the year. This will again be considered for implementation by our development team based on the popularity of the post.



I agree, this software cannot really be considered a Payroll Bureau option for accountants who want to bring over clients with multiple employees and their corresponding year to date figures. Will also be waiting until April (if at all).....

I have just tried to migrate to Open Payroll and cannot do it for the same reason. Even if you have only one employee it is impossible to migrate to this software mid way through the year. The Year To Date function is essential.

Whilst I still very much stand by my original post (along with a whole host of other things Payroll needs to do) I must say i'm now happily using it (as of April 15) and wouldn't change that fact. Yes there are bug bears but with the likes of automatic emailing of payslips and being able to quickly import the payrun into the books it's become a huge time saver.

Hi Kevin,

This feature is implemented within Clear Books.

This can be accessed by heading to the Employees section. Whilst editing or creating an employee on the system, you will now have the ability to enter previous earnings and previous income tax.

Thanks, Theo

Unless i'm blind, i'm afraid I disagree Theo.

You've got a 'previous employment' option which you've always had - that doesn't come close to what we're talking about above though.

It would also be helpful if the ideas section within the Community as literally nobody will be able to see this thread apart from those receiving email updates after they've already commented. Either that or move it to the Questions section if you can.

My apologies Kevin, it would appear that I misunderstood the request.

I will re-enter this to our requested features list to continue to be reviewed by our development team.

Thanks, Theo

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